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     From 1999, SI257 (CDG) and more recently SI568 The Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road and Use of Pressurised Receptacles Act 2004 (CDG/TPR), embraced the ADR directives of the time, the latest of which is ADR 2005.

     These require companies that load, handle, transport, pack or fill receptacles in all but limited quantities as defined by these Regulations to appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser. (DGSA)

     The DGSA must hold a valid Vocational Training Certificate, but in essence to effect his/her duties must have practical experience in the transport of dangerous goods. Increasingly it can be seen that purely road expertise, can conflict with the differing requirements of any sea operation , which includes all UK offshore islands, and even more pertinently Airfreight, where much care is taken on the process of pre boarding checks, and omission is frequently made of inter depot trucking, handling and cross channel ferry work.

     Uniquely Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers Ltd consultants embrace a multi modal approach based on over 35 years experience by a number of our consultant colleagues. Add certificated Master Mariners, and qualified Packers, and Master Stevedores and you have a team you can trust and rely on, with their own professional indemnity assurance.

     In the last five years DGSA has grown into arguably the largest independent Dangerous Goods Consultancy and has clients in Belgium, Holland, Eire, Germany and France. We also provide independent internal audit facilities worldwide for the larger client wishing to assure themselves of their CPD in Dangerous Goods management by their own staff.

     We provide training both by public course (see Training) and in house for all modes as legally required.
We have the experience. We are the specialists.
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