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The consultancy
     After our initial assessment we will advise our annual fee to provide a monitoring and advisory service for the transport, packing and handling of hazardous materials. We will usually request details of Section 14 of those products which require a Safety Data Sheet (Section 14) or the articles classified as dangerous goods (such as lithium Batteries).

     Upon appointment we will issue recommendations of any actions that your company needs to undertake in order to become compliant in the handling and transportation of dangerous goods.

     Although it is not the role of the DGSA to provide a 24/7 service we endeavour to respond when contacted to provide advice in the event of any problems or incidents relating to the transport of dangerous goods.

     We will issue the annual statutory report as required.

Contact numbers for the DGSA’s are;

Roger Kagan DGSA - Mobile: 07831 523964
E-mail: roger@dgsaltd.com

Clive Savigar DGSA - Mobile: +44 (0)7802 582589
E-mail: clive@dgsaltd.com

Andrew Williams DGSA - Mobile: 07968 293066
E-mail: andy@dgsaltd.com

All DGSA’s cover the UK with;
Roger based in and covering the Midlands and Northern England
Andrew based the Midlands and covering East UK
Clive based in the South and Europe covering Midlands, South of England, Ireland and remote working from Europe

Our aim is to ensure your business complies with the law.
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